Get Dead – Dancing With The Curse


GET DEAD is a punk band from San Francisco, CA. Brought together by their appeal for punk rock & joy of acoustic impurities. They continue to bring their debaucherous music to all towns, events, venues, and fans that will tolerate them, baptize them in beer, and indulge in after-hours dance parties with maximum bubbles.

The Band recorded their 3rd Fat Wreck full-length album more than two years ago, Dancing with the Curse feels perfectly timed for now.

Track Listing

1. Disruption
2. Nickel Plated
3. Fire Sale
4. Stickup
5. Glitch
6. Confrontation
7. Hard Times
8. 8 Track
9. Green’s Girl
10. Pepperspray
11. Confidence Game
12. Take It

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Watch Now: Get Dead – Disruption (Official Video)

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