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NEW MUSIC “ALL IN” is the latest single for iconic rockers Adelitas Way.  Coming off the successful single “Shine On”, Adelitas Way has garnered global streams of over 318,000 in 3 short weeks for “All In”.  This song continues its dominance in creating epic riffs, memorable hooks, and choruses.  Their fanbase is undeniable and dedicated and eats up anything they release.

All In – Lyrics

Till the day I die, I came to win
Everything I got I’m, all in
All in
All in
All in
All in

Go big or go home, I’m setting the tone
I’m letting ’em know, all in
I’m playing the game, ain’t playing it safe
I’m raising the stakes, all in
From nothing to something, I’m rising above it
From nothing to something is all that I wanted I’m
All in

Till the day I die I came to win everything I got I’m all in
Gonna let it ride double down again it’s a way of life I’m all in
Anytime anyplace any night any day
I’m stepping up to the plate
Till the day I die I play to win
Till the day I die I’m
All in
I’m all in
I’m all in

Go for the gold, history shows
Gotta be bold, all in
Trusting my gut, pushing my luck
It’s all in the touch, all in
From nothing to something I’m rising above it
From nothing to something but fuck it I love it
I’m all in


Link: Spotify 


Written By Paul Chandler

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